Evan B is a lover of fitness, health, dance and fun!

Evan B began his journey to fitness as a performer at the age of 6.  As a youth, hip-hop dancing was the main source of fitness in Evan B’s life. As the years progressed, he decided to take fitness to the next level. Evan B began to combine dance, calisthenics and weight lifting for better results.

In his mid 20s, Evan B decided to take fitness even further by  turning up the intensity in regards to training but also making the conscious decision to eat healthier.  In 2014, Evan B began competiting in men’s physique competions. After only  three shows, along with hard-core training,  Evan B became a National Qualified competitor.


Evan B’s success is a result of going beyond any one method of training or thought process, but a multitude of things, including having fun!