EBF spoiler free Glass review

Glass is a great psychological superhero thriller if you have patience to sit through it.

Most superhero movies feed our instant gratification habit. You want non stop action, we got it! Gorgeous “damsel in distress” character, got it!  Handsome and aesthetic protagonist, got it! Evil villain with simple motive, got it!

Glass is quite the opposite from the normal cinematic superhero formula. Instead of being force fed with most movies, Glass encourages you to examine your plate, take small bites and enjoy the flavors. Glass is what expert mediators call “mindful eating”. The movie gives you time to digest the material. All of the characters shine in this film. James McAvoy aka “the horde” steals the show.  If last year’s Black Panther was a “woke” superhero film in regards to addressing social issues that plague today’s society. Glass is the equivalent of insomnia, you won’t go back to sleep.

Go check it out!


  1. Terry Benjamin 01/20/2019 at 5:37 am

    The way l understand the movie Glass is this: To be a Super Hero is to reach your full potential. Whether you use your super powers for good or evil, there is a price to. pay, especially when you’re living in a (secret) society that is threatened by your Greatness.

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