EBF Batman v. Superman review

What a time in history to be present on this God given earth! In my 32 years of existence I’ve witnessed many things. Out of  many there are top 3 that I never thought that I would witness in my day and age: an African American President of the United States, my grand children’s wedding, a Batman and Superman confrontation in the theaters. Well call me lucky! I can check two off that list! I had the pleasure of viewing the most talked about film in cinematic history: Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice. As did millions of people on this earth,  I dreamed one day to have two of my favorite superheroes of all time be featured in a live action film at the same time. Thanks to Zack Snyder, my dream became reality. Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m a huge comic book geek. As a young boy I would have trips to downtown Newark, NJ with my dad and we would pick up comic books and read them on the train back home. My first idol other than my dad was Christopher Reeve, ’til this day his portrayal of Superman is one of the best. Henry Cavill‘s stature and charm rivaled Reeve’s performance in the 2013 Man of Steel movie; Cavill provided audiences with a modern take on the character, which I loved. When WB/DC  announced that the Batman v. Superman movie was being created I was not only in anticipation to see Cavill don the suit once more, I also wanted to see how he would vibe with whoever they chose for Batman. Next thing you know they announced Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne; things started to get interesting! I’m a fan of Affleck’s recent work such as The Town and Argo, Ben even looked like Bruce Wayne. I was sold. This past Monday was the first fan/press showing, the movie was fodder for critics, they chewed it up and spit it out. The popular movie critic website Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie 30%, I was not deterred. A few of my favorite comic book movies of all times such as Watchmen and Man of Steel was scored low by Rotten Tomatoes. I chose to formulate my own opinion about the film, in this case my stubborness reigned supreme, Batman v. Superman was a good film. Snyder provided another bold but fresh take on iconic fictional characters. Some of the critics complaints were about pacing, editing and tone of Batman v. Superman. My only issue was that the epicness wasn’t long enough. I enjoy movies that aren’t afraid to take risks, story telling should not be limited to one style or one perspective. In this case Batman v. Superman was told through the perspectives of Batman, Superman and Lex Luthor. Most movies especially superhero movies follow the same formula in the sense that you can dictate what will happen. Not to spoil it for you, Batman v. Superman has many twists and turns, the ending itself features an unexpected event. Despite the mixed reviews, why should anyone watch this film? Here are some incentives:

  1. A new Batman. Bale and Nolan did a phenomenal job with the past incarnation, now its time for a new Batman ripped from the comics, Ben provided that.
  2. Superman in action again! Watching a man fly and save innocent people never gets old, besides we can see how much the character matured since his encounter with Zod
  3. Bruce vs Clark. Forget Bats vs Supes, lets see the alter egos go at it.
  4. Cause and effect. We get to see the consequences due to the aftermath of the fight between Superman and Zod and how Batman is affected by it.
  5. The Justice League! Dawn of Justice=teases of some of our favorite superhero team mates: Flash, Aqua man, Wonder Woman to name a few.
  6. Wonder Woman! The first big screen appearance of the Amazonian princess, Gal Gadot was a fan favorite in the film      Enough reading this blog; watch the movie and comment about it below!

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