EBF Summer Camp 2015 Wrap up

ebf hands up camp


EBF Summer Fun & Fit workshop has come to a close. I began my presentation with 1st grade children and ended with High Schoolers. What an experience it was to share my knowledge of fitness and utilize creative activities to prove to the youth that a healthy lifestyle can be fun! Each week I learned something new. I fine tuned my presentation in order to cater to all age groups and to maintain their full attention. Fortunately for me the majority of my workshop is heavily influenced by the popular dances that I use as a form of exercise. I learned that in comparison to the younger group the older kids were more self conscience about their performance in various games. In efforts to create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone, I made sure to promote the “cool” factor when it involved actions such as “taking the lead” in a dance aerobic warm up. I cannot wait to return to DASH and execute another Fun & Fit workshop!

ebf summer bridge



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