It’s not a lesson without pain

As a certified fitness instructor, I not only enjoy training a group of individuals but also motivating them through speech. One of the lessons I edify and have learned myself is that in order to grow, experiencing some sort of pain is part of the equation. We all know this reality, and we call it “growing pains”. As a baby we experienced pain when our teeth came in. As a teenager we experience pain during a break-up, and as an adult, we experienced pain when we are laid off from a job. All of these scenarios are learning experiences and ultimately encourage us to grow mentally. How does this compare to physical training? Easy. If you are lifting properly, you will feel a burning sensation some may equate it to pain or even feel the next day soreness as a result of your intense training. These are all normal sensations to obtain the noticeable growth of a muscle or muscles in your body. If you don’t know already, whenever you lift weights you are tearing muscle with the purpose of healing the tissue and becoming stronger.
EBF Tip:
Whenever you tempted to quit based on temporary pain during physical, mental and emotional training, remember that it’s part of the action to build a stronger and more efficient you.

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