Friendly reminder

No matter how passionate you are in something, its inevitable that you will hit a wall in regards to motivation and creativity. Some may call it “writer’s block” or just simply bored. Doing what you love and transforming a hobby as a profession can suck the joy out of you. How can you regain that love for your job? Maybe taking a simple break can fix things, but what if that is not enough? What if you forgot the passion, love or even worse, the reason why you made it a profession?

Try this:

Reflect!  Whenever I find myself  in a slump, I read old letters/testimonials from people that I reached through dance, fitness or motivational speaking.


Reminding myself why I do what energizes me to finish a project and begin a new one. Just the other day my wife got the mail and placed an envelope on the table with my name on it. It had the Impact 21 address stamped in front of the envelope. What could it be? To my surprise it was filled with thank you cards and letters from students and staff from DASH Summer Camp. Just last month I successfully debuted Evan Beyond Fitness’ Fun & Fit workshop. What a joy it was read each card filled with love and appreciation! The positive feedback was not only a great reminder of why I love what I do, but it also provided the necessary fuel for me to take my message further and reach the  hearts of many.

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