Not Without Consequence

There is no reward without sacrfice. Paying dues in order to achieve the position you desire can be a bumpy road, even when you fulfill your goals the journey doesn’t end. What you do or accomplish can have a positive or negative effect, no matter if your intentions are good there will be someone who may not approve of your decisions. You may find yourself pursuing your dreams and passions. How should you handle disapproval from someone close to you? Try this:

1. Explain yourself. Describe the reasoning behind your passion and what you plan to achieve
2. Prioritize. Pursue your dream but be able to put it on hold to fulfill your life’s obligations
3. Ignore and focus. Be able to stay on track no matter anyone’s doubt
4. Recruit. Include your love ones in your passion and try not to be self centered
EBF Tip:
Pursuing a dream requires alot of time and investment, not all dreams are meant to be fulfilled, choose wisely and make sure it’s worth the sacrifice
Best wishes

Photo Flickr by SprinterJockey

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