We are often told to change as life changes because nothing stays the same. I was born and bred to be an entertainer and dancer. I love making people smile through my self expression. As a performer I felt unstoppable. As I matured my skills progressed and opportunities arose for me. Eventually, just like anything in life, I had to move beyond my past, put old priorities on pause, and focus on my present responsibilities as an adult. Now that was a scary transition!

After a two year hiatus from performing, I made my return with a clearer and broader perspective on what direction I wanted my life to move in as an entertainer. I decided to take the grounded route, so I could be available to my loved ones and still be able to do what I love. So I began developing projects right in my own home. One project spawned another and next thing you know I landed a guest teaching gig as a aerobics instructor. Of course, it wasn’t just an aerobics class but a Hip-hop Cardio class. This was right up my alley, based on my dance background. The question was : Could this, on top of my other projects, be the fix I needed from my long break? I immediately began doing research in preparation for my upcoming class, I made a fresh soundtrack and really envisioned what I wanted to bring to the class.

I wanted to create a Hip-Hop community. Not just a community but an outlet, a gathering, of people who have the common goal of sweating it out while having fun. As an instructor of any kind you are responsible to not only lead your group but to read them and challenge them. As a Hip-hop Cardio instructor, I wanted to create an atmosphere where my group can be silly and comfortable. I’m proud to announce that I have succeeded in bringing what I imagined into the class, celebration at this point in time is premature, there is still much to improve. I invite everyone who enjoys dance and exercise to attend. Hip-hop cardio Tuesday night at 7:30pm-8:30pm and Saturday 11:30am-12:30pm, 97 main St, Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Photo Flickr by Freewheeling France

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