“Talk of the Town”

Ever ask yourself this question: Why is that person more successful than me? Why do people talk about that person more than me? It’s not necessarily that the person is better than you or cooler than you. That person possesses a powerful tool called marketing!

There are many talented men and women in the entertainment industry that miss out on great opportunites due to their lack of marketing and promoting themselves. Either they don’t know how or they have no desire too.

Aside from entertainment, marketing and promotion should be used in everyday life such as applying for a job. Companies will not hire anyone they do not know. Flying under the radar will lessen your access to people that can potentially hire and vice versa.

For basic employment, invest in simple things such as headshots, bio, and a way for potential employers to contact you. For exposure and to really attract people, create a social media account strictly for business or developing a professional website can give you that edge you need to become that talked about person and as a result receieve great employment opportunites.

Best wishes!

Photo Flickr by Claire L. Evans

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