Lean Bulk

Less than 2 weeks away from my debut on the NPC Nationals, my preparation for the show has became stricter. Due to my busy life style and being conscience of what I put in my body, my preparation is not strenuous or long, in a way I coast into my planning. Maybe its because I don’t believe in “bulking” anymore. “Bulking” is just an excuse to gain unnecessary weight that you will eventually spend more time trimming down. Why waste time, money, and frustration? I ditch the hassle altogether. I consume “whole foods”, I receive my share of protein, fats, carbohydrates and veggies…. all the things that your body needs to grow naturally. In my experience I learned that in addition to putting a certain amount of calories in your body, a combination of foods, exercise, and rest can aid to lean muscle gain. I decided to take the patient route and let my body take its course with proper direction. I had to go Shoprite to pick up some essentials, I decided to make a field trip out of it. I invited my fitness regulars.

shoprite crew

I receive a lot of questions in regards to my diet. I felt that the best way to educate someone is to have them see what goes in my shopping cart. I provided a crash course on what foods are beneficial for your individual goals; we discussed sugar, salt and diary substitutes. We read the nutrition labels and counted calories. I in turn learned different ways to spice up my food preparation instead of using the basic grilled chicken and rice platter!

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