Artistic Frustration

How many of you artists out there have “idea overload”; when you are flooded with ideas that you can’t even sleep. I’ve learned and became a big fan of writing my thoughts down; it aids in lessening the clutter in my brain. Besides, I do not want to forget a thing. I love developing projects out of basic ideas, multi-tasking has become a tool in my arsenal. The more projects I execute, the more I feel accomplished. I admit one of setbacks is my impatience, desiring to meet an unrealistic deadline. I dream it; I want the immediate reality. The time and energy put in a project or two and don’t see the results you want as quickly you want can be discouraging. So what do you do? Take a deep breath, shift the focus on something different. Forcing things can make one hit a wall in creativity. Attempt to find inspirations in other places: take a walk, watch a program on television… Being an artist is a gift and a curse: the gift of seeing things that’s others cannot. The curse is the possible drainage of mental and emotional energy due to your impatient passion. Eventually your project will come into fruition. Recess is good; it helps you refresh your brain. Take it! Don’t trash your vision with doubt.

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