Cpt = Good personal trainer?

Its arguable that having a driver’s license doesn’t make you a good driver. Having a diploma doesn’t necessarily make you smart. Having a college degree doesn’t make you an expert on life. I believe that in order to have the credibility to train someone you have to be living proof that your training is effective. Why sell someone a product that you’ve never tested? There are too many certified trainers with high degrees that still cannot train a client properly.

Quick tip:

Go get your certification so you have the basic knowledge about how the human body operates. Instead of rushing to train someone, be your own guinea pig, take before and after photos, track your progress and document it. Have your portfolio handy and show it to potential clients.
This way, they can trust you and you will be able to assist them first hand, instead of copying methods from a manual.

photo credit: HIRAOKA,Yasunobu via photopin cc

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