Easy ways to demand your respect for your hard work… without looking like a cry baby

It’s very rare that anyone would admit they can be a cry baby, one of the biggest denials is that we don’t care what people think about us or our projects. An opinion is important. Many people’s success are based on a population’s opinion. For example, a music artist cannot put out a marketable album without a group listening to it first and giving constructive criticism. What if you created something, presented it to a group, received an opinion and still aren’t satisfied?  If you are like me and many others, you can be very passionate about a project. You know the time and energy that was put out to manifest your dream. You not only want the majority to love it but also respect the time and effort it took to create it your dream. How do you do demand respect without seeming like a cry baby?

  1. Document: create a journal for each individual project, you may be frustrated that people don’t know the time you put into your project. But do you even know? Create a notebook, blog, a log filled with dates and times, an actual visual blueprint. You can display this in a professional way on your website or social network, people will see it and maybe even get inspired
  2. Be professional, there is a time for jokes and time to be serious, people will only take your project serious if they see you’re serious about it.
  3. “Don’t talk about it, be about it,” Busta Rhymes once said. I also love the saying “actions speak louder than words” and it holds true. When you are too quiet people will start wondering. What is he or she up to? Their curiousity will lead into dialog about your project
  4. Loyalty: stick with your project. We are all guilty with being impatient, remember it’s not a race you are looking for, it’s the long term. Right now the foundation is being built for something great. People respect loyalty and the ability to start and finish no matter how long it takes.
  5. Humility: even though you have a clear direction, you will need help if you want to put out the best product and gain the respect that you deserve. Remember to be a student, do your research, be eager to learn more to better your craft. There are tons of information out there, use it to your advantage. Asking for help is also a sign that you are serious, people will realize you are so passionate about your project that you are able to put your pride aside and look for aid to get it done.
  6. The Big Debut!! When you are ready to present your project to the world, make it big! Make sure that the presentation is clear, clean and friendly to your target market. Be proud of what you accomplished, but do it in a way you are inspiring others and provide a model that can help rather than trying to compete.

Truth: don’t expect a pat on a back for something you are suppose to do or desire to do. If you truly believe in the value of something, continue to work on it and create a good product, through time and diligence, people will become attracted to it and will applaud you.

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Photo Flickr by arctic_council

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