Hip-hop culture and health: better over the years or worse?

Has Hip-hop culture ever been health conscious? I remember the era of the “overweight” rappers such as the Fat Boys, Heavy D, Biggie Smalls, all glorified for their charisma, rap skills and their size. Now fast forward to 2014 the image has changed but has the message changed with it? We do live in a society where we are more aware of our weight but ironically artists are still living unhealthy lifestyles? Yes we have “skinnier” performers such as Lil Wayne, Drake, and Kanye West , but are they healthy? Just months ago there was a news report that Lil Wayne was admitted to a hospital due to having seizures as a result of drinking liquor mixed with cough syrup. Artist August Alsina passed out on stage while performing, rapper Pimp C died from drinking “ lean”. What will it take for our culture to change? Is it uncool to be fit both inside and out as an artist or is ignorance still bliss?

photo credit: by Jonathan Lopez, on Flickr

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