Overall Winner=Total package

One of the most depressing things I hear some people say in their victory speech is that this particular event or sport is the only thing they were ever good at. It could be sport related, dance, a singing competition…etc., a person can get caught up in one activity and program themselves to think that they only have one talent. I hate to break it to you but most of us as humans have two hands with 5 fingers on each hand that are designed to carry more than one object. Most of us have two feet so that we can make numerous steps. We have a complex brain built to solve more than one problem. We live in a society that the amount of trophies or placing in a contest dictates the winner, but is that accurate? Does anyone talk about the guy or girl that won a contest 5 years ago? If we are capable of so much why do we limit ourselves? Depending on who you are and your circumstance it can be a long list of reasons, instead of using excuses try to broaden your perspective on what it means to be a winner, provide yourself with options outside your craft and most importantly become involved in numerous communities: fitness, health , dance. A long legacy is the true winner.

Photo flickr by: Daniel M. Hendricks

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